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Your Life Time Line

Posted on August 2, 2018 at 12:29 AM Comments comments (0)
 Good Evening,
          I would like to share with you something I learned years ago.  How long are we going to live? Depends on a lot of things. In America the average age of a Male is somewhere around 73- 75,76 years of age. A female will live to be maybe up to 82. She will live longer than a male.
          If you live longer than that, it is a plus. Your Quality of life after the average is up to you. Your life can be taken at anytime. Younger people are dying because of our drugs mostly. Those drugs play a key role when it comes to your kidneys , skin, and other vital organs. We don't think of this when we are young. Nor, should we. If we have a good up bringing, there is no reason for the drugs or alcohol in our lives. If we do have fun when we are teenagers, we do and then move on the jobs and families.
  Now lets look at this time line. I started working a full time job when I was 12 years. I worked 32 years in the hospital. another 7 in teaching. Now a full time business. I am 63 years old. That is 51 years working on my feet. So Look at my time line. I am female. My mother and father both had heart disease. When you look at your parents or siblings, you probably will follow along the disease process they have.
       This is not suppose to be depressing, it is to encourage you get what you want out of life.Do the things you like to do. Be the best friend ,son, daughter,boss, that you can.  Not perfect, just enjoy your life. And that is what I did when I was young. When I was a mother and now a business owner. Socialize and talk to people. Find out about them,enjoy them. Find a job you love. Because if you are 20. When you quit working at 60, 70. Its a long time to work. Life is short and Death is our outcome as humans. Then that Promised land is there for us.  Amen      Good Night._________

How would you feel

Posted on May 29, 2018 at 12:16 AM Comments comments (0)
 Hello everyone. I have  been thinking. How do  you feel about things. We all are Human and built the same way. 
    What if someone you know, hurt your feelings. Do you think they know what they did.? I believe they do. Maybe some don't, but the majority do. You know when you hurt someone. Put yourself in their shoes. How would you feel.? I would apologize right away. I probably would not say terrible things, unless provoked.
     I do also think there are people out there, that want to hurt other peoples feelings. It makes them feel better. They really don't see anything wrong with their behavior. We all know better inside. Some people have to feel superior,some are jealous of you, some don't like your looks. What ever their hang up may be. Do not let them get to you. You just keep on with who you are and what morals and values you stand for. You are that special,
       To be kind and nice is just being ourselves. Let that light shine of yours. Smile and show the world how it should be done. You do know that 79% negative thoughts are in our head. We do have to work at being happy and positive. Its not hard. Just more of an effort.
    1. Say something nice to people everyday or compliment people.Its not hard. Just to smile and say Hello to people on the street is great.
    2. Strike up a Conversation. You don't have to tell them your life history. Speak from your heart. More people like this. They like to know the real person.
    3.Tell the truth always. Someone will always find out. You don't want to explain yourself.
    4. Never talk about other people in front of them. Save that for a close friend of yours.
 Think before we speak. Sometimes easier said than done. I try to follow these rules. So be as happy as you can and try to be helpful and kind to everyone. Peace   sandy

Physical Injury

Posted on May 28, 2018 at 10:35 PM Comments comments (0)
Hello,  I have been gone for awhile. Let me tell you why. I have a torn Ham String and Pulled Tendon. It Hurts. I have been in a Chair with my leg up and on Ice. I am here to tell you never do this. It is a long recovery. No surgery. They do not fix them anymore.
       I slipped on water at the factory. I did the splits and a ambulance came and got me.
       Do you know where your Hamstring is . Your hamstring is made up of three muscles. They go from your pelvis bone down to the back of your thigh, right above the knee. I tore all 3 off the pelvis bone. and the tendon. My leg swelled up and turned purple from the bleeding of the tear. Your butt is so sore because that is where the pelvis bone is. It bleeds underneath the skin. It is hard to sit. I sit on ice.
       So that is my story. I was in nursing for 32 years of my life. I loved it. I did not know how painful this is. Now I know. So on to my next post. Sandy and Peace be all over world.

Positive thinking is one Thing. What is the other.

Posted on May 2, 2018 at 12:36 AM Comments comments (0)
        Good Evening,   
                       I have read a lot about Postitive mental attitude. We all need that. That is hard for our brains to bring up first thing in the morning. We have so much crap that happens to us on a daily basis, its a daily, hourly event in our mind.
                       When one of our friends or even in a group setting,ask for attention,They  want to hear suggestions from the others and they want the others to feel what they feel. They don't want to hear always that,(that's ok ,you can rebuild your house from the fire) They want empathy.
                        I have been around people who just think everything is going to be great. One has to work at great things. 1.) Believe in God. Prayers help. 2.) Focus
3.)Taking steps to make things happen. And Making things happen don't happen over night. 4.)Keep your vision. What do you want, and work toward that goal. If you want to change who you are,Work on that. Change your friends, and maybe your environment.
5.) Write these down.6.) Listen to the older generations, they know a lot. COMMON SENSE.
                         Have you been around college educated people. You hang with some. You walk away wondering who these people really are.
                         You have a gut instinct, that God has given everyone of us. I grew up lower income, but we were happy. I would learn what I could that interests me and pass on that knowledge. Knowledge is so powerful. Learn peoples feelings and you got gold.
                         I was watching on TV news one night about immigrants trying to make it to America. They were fleeing their country. They had children and the whole family on make shift boats. I can't imagine. A few days later, children and adults were washed up on shore. Dead. Saddened me. These people had great thinking that they would make it. I don't know an answer. All the want and will doesn't make things happen.
                         I don't believe they were completely ready. But, they did have the work ethic down. I still wonder if any of them made it anywhere.
                         Empathy again.  On a positive note. Have fun in life , do what you can.
and love yourself. Sandy

Our World is Divided

Posted on April 23, 2018 at 9:44 PM Comments comments (104)
                 I am writing tonight because I am weary. I went to see my oldest son this weekend. The whole family was sick. There was a hockey tournament this weekend. Went to two games on Sunday. It was fun. Grandson played. Good Player. It was his 10th birthday.
                 For the first time, I have felt distant from him. I feel love for him like any mother does. But....I saw him so busy. Too busy for me. He always had time for me. His world is different from mine. I realize that.
                  It seemed like the whole family was running around. Anxious and not looking very happy. I did not feel welcome. Our world is divided. I felt in the way. I was wondering if any other Mother feels like that.
                  I divorced my husband(their father) about 16 years ago. Both my boys have distanced themselves from me. I was the best mom I knew how to be. I was driving down the highway and saw a sign that said(Call your Mom today.)
                   It was then that I thought, I wish I could call my mom and everything would be ok. But, she is dead. My dad is Dead. You see once your dead, your dead. You can not come back.
                    So you see, What I need you to do is:

1. Call your Mom.
2. Call your Dad
3. Show respect.
4. Your world is shrinking also.
    Don't let it pop out of sight.
5. Remember where you came from.
6. Don't feel like this anynight.

Make your world count.  Peace Sandy

Lets get everyone together and visit.

Posted on January 30, 2018 at 12:12 AM Comments comments (0)
 Hello out there.

           Sandy here. I would like to talk about the bad Flu we are having. Children are dying from the flu. Many. Next month we are going to have the Super Bowl happening in Minnesota. That really will be fun. What I see a lot of people already sick, going to a very large event. We have so much fun at these events. I just hope everyone washes their hands, covers the mouth, and touch very little while there. My kids used to say I was to overly protective,  And I was. The Bad bugs are getting worse. Antibiotics don't seem to cut those infected. Stay warm, and washing our hands is the best thing we can do for it.
             What I would like to talk about also, is group talking. We all have friends and talk. But....there are people who don't have friends or shut in their homes and can not get out socialize. What about those. They also have ideas and memories to share. I have found that I have become a victim of Facebook or anywhere on the web. I have made a pledge to my self, not to do this. People need to talk face to face. If that means go out for coffee or just meeting in the park. Just to talk about our ideas, world, family, and really seeing someone in person. People usually get in a group to do volunteer work, funerals, wedding. We just need to relax and really talk. The web has made people attached, addicted. There is a lot of knowledge on there. I was thinking the other day ,how fast the week went. what did I get accomplished. I would like to get together with people and just talk about anything. Relax ,have tea, coffee, Talk about our physical wellbeings.  Get together and just have certain subjects to talk about. Make it once a week and invite new people and then some new people. Not to fix anything, to learn things. That is what keeps our minds well.

             Practice talking to strangers or newcomers at the park or bike trail.Safety first. Make people open up to you, and you to them. You will be amazed. Good Luck

             Well, I have to get up early to meet someone, so good evening.  Peace. Try some new craft or book on the earth, or how to build bird houses, or plant flowers.


Holiday Times

Posted on November 26, 2017 at 1:09 AM Comments comments (0)
   Hello Everyone,  
  Today we spent the day in a beautiful town of St. Anthony Village. It was Minnesota Agriculture Shop Small Buisness. The people were wonderful to us and the sales were great. we met so many nice business people.  The community was wonderful.
    I couldn't help noticing all the Christmas shoppers and how happy and full of spirit
they had. The vendors also. It was hard to think in the back of my mind how our president wants to divide us. There were all walks of life. Young and old, peoples of all
colors and nations. Happy. We are a strong America,and most of us know God has made us all the same. We bleed the same blood.

  I thought of the days of my youth,where we did not get a lot for Christmas. But, we were happy. We had so many kids and friends to last all day long,everyday. We did not bully kids, we took care of one another. We loved. We had not so good days, but we did not show anything. We played for hours on end. Did what was expected of us and showed great respect to everyone.
   I cry for my relatives who have left me. I miss my mom and dad and my sister and my baby. Tomorrow my baby will be 46 years old and I think of her every day. Happy Birthday Gretchen.
   I cry for the children that die senselessly. I love children. Children do not take your own life. Let God take you home when it is time. Children if you are sick, fight hard to get better. Fight Hard.
  I cry when I see our country in such disarray. I love this country, I love the young and old. I pray god bring Peace to us again. I am grateful for life and everything.
  This is a beautiful world. We have to keep positive everyday. Our subconscious mind
works in the negatory 79 % of the time. Use affirmations everyday for positive. You can say everyday ( I am Loved. I am Happy. I am Beautiful.) Promise me.

   I would love to take the hate that has infected our world. I wonder ,How in the World did this happen and Why. How do we get back. Pray to your God. And remember he will anwer you.   Good Nite  Sandy G. Peace

We have Bigger Things to Fight About As Americans

Posted on December 31, 2014 at 2:07 PM Comments comments (0)
      Happy New Year Everyone!

  Have a Safe New Year's Eve. Yesterday I turned 60. I was a girl from the sixties. We were at war in Vietnam.  I have to tell you life was rather good.  We did not have much but we had each other as a family. We had friends,many of them.
   When we fight about the color of our skin. That happened in the sixties. Martin Luther King, A brave Man, A wonderful man, he died over that. Someone had to shoot him. Someone Shot our pope in the eighties.Someone Shot John Lennon.Someone Shoots anyone over anything.
   Our police are out first line of defense. Please Please Please ,don't shoot them. We need them. We need nurses and doctors. Everybody needs someone. I need you. Everyone is important.
   People who are doing this violence,they need us. They need education. People who do this stuff are not educated. They need help,from you and me. We to talk to our youth about more than color.
    Do you think they know that water is going to be a problem real soon. Food already is a big problem. We have to many people to feed. Not enough food. They don't need to learn that in school. They can Learn that from me and you. On the internet. That's where they spend most of their time.
    Certain people will get in office and people will have to take whatever job they can just to bring bread and butter home. I am a small business owner and I can barely pay for my employees. I opened business not to get rich,because you don't. I opened it to give a job to someone. Having babies is not a form of employment. Young people need to put more time into working and not finding violence as a past time. You young people are our life line. Don't screw it up with just hear say and violence.

       Practice some good work ethics. I know the slums are a bad place to live.You learn not so good things their. You do learn to survive. Survive What. You Can Do Better than That.  Get out of your zipcode and see life.
        You will in the future have to fight for water and food and shelter.  Drugs are going to kill you. Again They are going to kill you. When you get sick, you will not get health care when needed. You will get the least. A pine Box. See your friends dying. Is getting back at cops better than getting you better. This is straight up talk.  See, they don't care about you until you do something wrong. Like break the law. The Law. Follow the Law and NO Problems. Would'nt that be great.

     Most of you have not anything more than I had as a child. No one gave me a free ride. Sure big companies cheat,government cheats,people cheat you. Let it go. You can not fight the big boys, you don't have enough money. But, I can sleep at night and you can too. I have hard working children who follow the law . They get mad. But thank god they don't kill people.
     You want more straight up talk. Just right to me. We will talk..
  In the mean time. Stay Alive by Loving Life, it can be gone in a second. Good Luck to you and your family.   Peace and Love Sandy

Your Reputation will last forever

Posted on October 31, 2014 at 4:03 PM Comments comments (0)
    When we leave this beautiful earth ,how will people remember you. Some will say naughties and some will remember everything you did that was outstanding. How do you want to be remembered. We are all human,and do some kindly and unkindy things. But most of all we will be remember by our continuing reputation. It never goes away. We get chances and chances to change most of our behavior. God Loves everyone. I bet God gets some good laughs,wondering if we will EVER GET IT. Maybe next time.

    Write your own History Book. This is the History of........
    That will be fun. It is your History.

    This is the History of Sandy Dagle.

   I was born in.......

                  Have Fun

Our Store is Open for Retail

Posted on October 31, 2014 at 3:52 PM Comments comments (0)
  We have opened our little Store for retail. We do wholesale and we always had a license for retail,and everyone wants to know where they can get our candy.
 610 Hwy. 2 East  Grand Rapids,mn.  We are Right across from the new Taco Bell in Grand Rapids.
    We have Sunrise Bakery Gourmet Delights At our Store now. They offer Potica. Banana Flips and Snowballs only the way Sunrise can do. We have Janicke Bakery Brownies ,which we do and are wonderful. Their delights go to the White House. How wonderful.
  Sunrise Bakery is having our Candy in her shop. She has been in the Business for over 100 years.

   Please stop by this fall for your dining needs. Your family will appreciate you.
   Our Candy Trays are 12.00 a pound. We can set you up for your Holiday Needs.
   We have Fudge and you can pick and choose your favors or request your favors.

   We are excited about our new venture. For all of you that have found us, thank you.
   Eder Circle thank you.

   Donna,now that I know who you are . Thanks again and again.

   The men at the Auto Shop. Thanx.
   Pizza Works                    Thanks

We also have a few Crafts in our Store.  Did you know Ken from the Pizza Works, Knits and Crochets. What A creation he can make. Karen Yuhala can do more than make Fry Bread. She is A beautiful seamstress. Stop By. Jeanne Wahlstrom She Has The cutest baby hats and blankets. She also makes the nicest Goat Soap. Gotta Come and See.
      Our community has lost a wonderful Nurse....May God hold her family in his arms during this time.  The benefit for her is this weekend. Nurses are special people and they just keep giving from their heart. Thank you All.
                                 See you Soon   Sandy (Peace)