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Minnesota Deer Hunt

Posted on October 31, 2014 at 3:06 PM Comments comments (0)
Good Day Everyone,

  In about a week Minnesota Deer Hunt will start.  Lots of men will be out trying to bring home meat for their family and trying to get the biggest buck.  Antlers are a big thing in the hunt. For me growing up,my mom shot deer in and out of season to feed 6 kids. We were raised on venison and loved it.

  The wives of these Deer Hunters go out and hit the craft shows. They have a fun time getting in some family or girl time. It is a festive time in Minnesota.
   We are going to be at the Timberlake event.November 1,November 8. Lots of fine crafters there. On November 15 , we will be in Pengilly,mn. The community center.

   On November 22,Northwoods Candy company will be in Albertville,MN. That is a big event also.

   On November 29,we will be at the Sawmill Inn in Grand Rapids,Minnesota for  a Show.

    On December 6, we will be at the Churchill Elementary in Cloquet,Mn for a huge Craft show.

    On December 9 we will be at the Riverwood Health Center. This is a fundraiser for the hospital. Hope you will support.

    On the 15th and 16th of December  we will be at the Iron Gate  Mall in Hibbing,MN.

All of these craft shows and events are nice and fun. We have a lot of talented people in Minnesota.

    Good Luck to all the Minnesota  Deer Hunters.
              Thanks Again, for your support.

Is everything disposable?

Posted on August 10, 2014 at 6:33 PM Comments comments (558)
 Hello everyone, We have moved to my hometown and have been busy building our house. Making candy like it is going out of style. I thought I was busy when my kids were young,but today's world has made everyone busy.
  I have been making candy for 2 years now. I have jumped through all the hoops that the state and county and federal governments wants you to.  It is not cheap or easy being a small business owner. The one thing is you are working for yourself.
   I always want to keep my life simple. It just seems harder for me today,I don't know about other people.   You walk into a grocery store today and you walk out with 150.00
in your bags and you wonder.
   People go into a discount clothing store and come out with junk. Clothes are disposable. But, yet they have taken over our cities. The middle class is getting poorer, the rich are finding ways to make themselves even richer.  There used to be wholesale.Guess what that seems to be out the window.
    Still, we are pushing our children to go to these big colleges with jobs no where in site. They get grants, loans and etc. They still have to pay the loans back. Guess what then the kids move back home and get money from you.
Romances are gone. Marriages die. These too are disposable. New break ups everyday. Families broken. Why does LOVE never die. LOVE is not disposable. LOVE for oneself is not disposable. After all the breakups,deaths,love for yourself is strong and should carry on and does carry on.
   I have prayed for peace all over the world for years. Little children dying in the streets from a deadly virus. People think we are invinsible. We are not. We can all get
sick and die. Our bodies can only take so much. People need to be simple and not want the most priceless things in life.  Because life is priceless. Rich can buy healthy bodies.
    Hold on to what is for you and don't want what your neighbor has. I was raised in a 2 bedroom home with 5 other brothers and sisters. We had love. We worked hard. We had a blast.   Signing off   sandy   Pray for the whole world.

Journal Your Life

Posted on June 23, 2014 at 12:19 AM Comments comments (267)
Good Evening,
    I was just thinking of writing in my journal. Does anyone have a journal? Well, if you don't just write your thoughts on a piece of paper. When we write our thoughts down,it really allows us to get closer to ourselves spiritually. We can write down what our day was like,good or bad. We can rearrange our thinking for the next day. We can tell our God or whoever you consider close to,just about anything. If we harbor guilt,it will end up as resentment then depression. So, It is really good to get it off your chest. It is best to tell the person whom you have harmed,how and why you did what you did. Some times just to tell your journal is all we can muster up. 
     Kids learn to journal in school, because they have a lot on their mind. It is too bad most kids and people can't really talk to one another.
     Like today I spent most of the afternoon in a laundry mat. I was not so happy about that. But, that will be short lived. I do not know how the longer people with just  minimum jobs do it. Each Machine was 3.50 or more. Minimum is only 7.15 now. So, it was a good reality check. Some are not as fortunate as others. Even if our kids go to school, they are not promised jobs. It's difficult sometimes. But never ever give up.
     Follow your passions and the gifts we have been given and we will persevere.
      So go into your journal today, and give it all you got today. Write it down and it will happen. Why do you think we write lists. Because if it is written down ,we will do it.
             Good nite All          Peace to all            Thanks Sandy

A Mother is our Teacher

Posted on May 11, 2014 at 12:48 AM Comments comments (963)
Happy Mother's Day Everyone!
         I am a Mom of two wonderful sons. Jesse and Christopher. I love those boys with all my heart.
         I hope every mother out there has a wonderful Mother's Day.
     As Mother's we are the first Teacher that our Children have. When I was young, I was an average mom. I thought I taught my children well.
They are very independent,and I am happy for that.
      I made them do for themselves,and I believe that gave them great confidence. They did not always get their way. I met them half way when one of the items they wanted was way too expensive. My boys grew up knowing ,I loved them and would always be there for them.
      They both worked when they were in high school and college. They both know the value of a dollar.  It took me longer on that one. I had so much fun with the both of them.
       Mother's teach your children well. I took time for mine. My house was not perfect. But, I played with them until bedtime. I was a working mom. Time is so short when they are at home. 18 comes around real fast.  When they go off into the world, Make them strong minded and fit for life's challenges. Have a Happy Mother's Day! From one mom to another.

New Things are Happening

Posted on April 23, 2014 at 11:16 PM Comments comments (41)
Hello Everyone!

 The  Easter Season is over,but it has brought new things into our lives. Everyone is renewed in the Easter Season. A rebirth. Isn't that fascinating.

   Have you ever had a Passion for something. Something that you like to do. Well, candy makings is mine. Someday I am going to have a new candy everyone will like. Move over snickers. Ha! Really I am.
   I want everyone to have fun and do what they enjoy. If you say, I don't have time. Well Make Time. Don't put off today , tomorrow may never come. Go and do that something. You can always watch TV in a nursing home. There is a lot of time there. Live while you can.

   Summer is coming, make that trip. Open your own shop.. Meet your neighbors! That is a new one. People don't live in the same house for years anymore. New people move in all the time.

   We are going to be at Walker this weekend, the26,27th, at the community hall for their Home show. Come out and meet Jeff and I. It will be fun.

  Soon you will be able to come and buy candy at our shop. Have coffee and watch us make candy. Everyone finds that fun. Remember It is soon going to be Mother's Day.

We Now have Truffles of all flavors. Different Marshmello Treats. We are now at the Northern lights Casino in Walker.

  Plan some family fun. School is going to be out. Winter is going to be out. Yeah! We are all tired of that.

  Find something you have never done. I would like to build a wooden boat once in my life.  My brother Henry built a beautiful Kayak. Cedar Strip. Absolutely gorgeous. Once you do something like that, your confidence soars through the roof. Our little neice from Illinois, Is making glutten free cupcakes and such. She is 9 Years old. She loves it.  She sells her stuff at the local market. 
   She won't be selling dope to her friends on the street corner. She has a Plan.

Start  thinking America About your Passion.  We can give to the poor and Homeless,but we need to teach them how to live again. How to be proud people and stand for themselves.  Good Night America.  Peace Sandy


Posted on April 9, 2014 at 12:41 AM Comments comments (31)
Dear Sister Sylvia,
I miss you so much. You had to leave our family on March 17. I miss you terribly  everyday. In my candy shop, I see you wrapping my candy. You are in a good place and I will see you someday.
    I love you with all my heart. You are my angel. Some days I just need to cry a little to ease the pain I feel. It helps. I wish you could have stayed.

                       Your Sister Sandy. 

How does anyone get ahead?

Posted on April 9, 2014 at 12:35 AM Comments comments (178)
Have you walked into the grocery store lately? The prices for food today are going up and  up. I really don't know how long we as Americans can put up with this. Our children go home on Friday's from school with food back packs. Not all, but a lot.  We get letters everyday about giving to our local food bank.  We are among the working poor in this country. The Blue Collar worker. We know how to work and get it done, but it is not enough to make it through the week or buy anything extra.

What has to be done to get some normalcy back into our country. I really think that when the baby boomers are done working, the work will not get done. Our younger generation doesn't want to do labor jobs. They want Techy jobs. Who is going to do our highways and sewers,nursing, janitorial. Not our young people. These large companies are in such a hurry to get the older generation out, because we cost them money. But look what we have to replace them. This is a fact.

       There are only so many computer jobs. We as a company are so lucky to have the people we do. The biggest obstacle for small business is to find people who want to work and take pride in what they do. I am 59 yrs. old. I had no choice what job I was going to do. I did the job,because I needed money.I was 12 years old. Mom and Dad did not give handouts. There were none. We were it. I am very proud of who I have become and who I am.

      I do not know how the younger generation or older generation can keep up to this inflation that has grown out of control. I want our young people to have a chance. There is nothing more depressing than working all week,pay your bills and nothing left for you

at the end of the week. We are Americans and we need to get things back on track. It is not about unions getting to much pay. How much money do these corporations and big business need. You can't take it with you. Family will just fight over your money. How much do big business need.  A gallon of milk for our children is almost 4.00. In Minnesota they want to raise the minimum wage. That is great. If, the price of everything don't go through the roof. Our grandchildren,what about our grandchildren?
I love this country,and it is still the best in the world. But, we need some hope that it will get better. Not a government official to just talk the talk,but to walk the walk.
    Today, it seems the only business in America that is making money in the blue collar world and otherwise ,is the Drug Buisness.


Posted on January 29, 2014 at 12:38 PM Comments comments (37)
Hello, It is really cold in Minnesota today. How is everyone else? I really mean that. How are you doing? Do we ever think about our own Mortality.? I used to be in the nursing field ,so it was always there. We knew and we Know.

        Well, I lost my very best friend this week. At the age of 61. She did everything for everybody else ,but not for herself. I miss her. We grew up in the same neighborhood. We had lots of fun. She helped me with my kids. She loved my kids and they loved her. When I told them,they were quiet. She never married,never had kids. That is the way she wanted it. It was a long time since I told her that I loved her.
      I am writing today to tell you that I am sorry that I did not do that. We had argued over politics. What a crazy thing to argue about. Politics and Religion.
      Please today tell that someone how much you care for them. A friend is someone closer than a relative.
       I am 59 and friends don't come along everyday anymore.
I have friends. But not like  my friend Janet.
        We talked last week about this and that. I live out of the town we grew up in.
         If you have a close friend,stay connected and talk regularly. Someday the connection will be gone. The old saying is "You don't know what you have till it's gone"
         We all think we are going to live forever. We are invinsible.  Everyone else gets sick. Not us. Well, think again.

          I was watching a TV show last night. It had professors on it discussing the future of our world.  Water!!!!  We are already tapping into our backups. They said that our sewage plants might not be able to use the water for drinking after being scrubbed. Our water tables do not take out the caffeine from our water. They tested fish,they had caffeine. Because of the mining in our area, the water is like third world countries. Yes! America. Some of you may be surprised
others are not. We have too many people to feed. 5 Billion too many. Or More. Romans were greedy and fell. America is greedy and will fall also.

       Gloom and Doom. No, Just Reality. Reality is what no one likes. It will make them accountable.
        Janet Bless You. I loved you Friend.  Sandy

New Year

Posted on December 29, 2013 at 3:33 PM Comments comments (137)

Christ is Born

Posted on December 25, 2013 at 1:36 AM Comments comments (206)