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New Things are Happening

Posted on April 23, 2014 at 11:16 PM
Hello Everyone!

 The  Easter Season is over,but it has brought new things into our lives. Everyone is renewed in the Easter Season. A rebirth. Isn't that fascinating.

   Have you ever had a Passion for something. Something that you like to do. Well, candy makings is mine. Someday I am going to have a new candy everyone will like. Move over snickers. Ha! Really I am.
   I want everyone to have fun and do what they enjoy. If you say, I don't have time. Well Make Time. Don't put off today , tomorrow may never come. Go and do that something. You can always watch TV in a nursing home. There is a lot of time there. Live while you can.

   Summer is coming, make that trip. Open your own shop.. Meet your neighbors! That is a new one. People don't live in the same house for years anymore. New people move in all the time.

   We are going to be at Walker this weekend, the26,27th, at the community hall for their Home show. Come out and meet Jeff and I. It will be fun.

  Soon you will be able to come and buy candy at our shop. Have coffee and watch us make candy. Everyone finds that fun. Remember It is soon going to be Mother's Day.

We Now have Truffles of all flavors. Different Marshmello Treats. We are now at the Northern lights Casino in Walker.

  Plan some family fun. School is going to be out. Winter is going to be out. Yeah! We are all tired of that.

  Find something you have never done. I would like to build a wooden boat once in my life.  My brother Henry built a beautiful Kayak. Cedar Strip. Absolutely gorgeous. Once you do something like that, your confidence soars through the roof. Our little neice from Illinois, Is making glutten free cupcakes and such. She is 9 Years old. She loves it.  She sells her stuff at the local market. 
   She won't be selling dope to her friends on the street corner. She has a Plan.

Start  thinking America About your Passion.  We can give to the poor and Homeless,but we need to teach them how to live again. How to be proud people and stand for themselves.  Good Night America.  Peace Sandy

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8:59 AM on May 6, 2014 
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logical post, i am get up with new start after reading it! yes patience means you'll get something better than anyone else.

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