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We have Bigger Things to Fight About As Americans

Posted on December 31, 2014 at 2:07 PM
      Happy New Year Everyone!

  Have a Safe New Year's Eve. Yesterday I turned 60. I was a girl from the sixties. We were at war in Vietnam.  I have to tell you life was rather good.  We did not have much but we had each other as a family. We had friends,many of them.
   When we fight about the color of our skin. That happened in the sixties. Martin Luther King, A brave Man, A wonderful man, he died over that. Someone had to shoot him. Someone Shot our pope in the eighties.Someone Shot John Lennon.Someone Shoots anyone over anything.
   Our police are out first line of defense. Please Please Please ,don't shoot them. We need them. We need nurses and doctors. Everybody needs someone. I need you. Everyone is important.
   People who are doing this violence,they need us. They need education. People who do this stuff are not educated. They need help,from you and me. We to talk to our youth about more than color.
    Do you think they know that water is going to be a problem real soon. Food already is a big problem. We have to many people to feed. Not enough food. They don't need to learn that in school. They can Learn that from me and you. On the internet. That's where they spend most of their time.
    Certain people will get in office and people will have to take whatever job they can just to bring bread and butter home. I am a small business owner and I can barely pay for my employees. I opened business not to get rich,because you don't. I opened it to give a job to someone. Having babies is not a form of employment. Young people need to put more time into working and not finding violence as a past time. You young people are our life line. Don't screw it up with just hear say and violence.

       Practice some good work ethics. I know the slums are a bad place to live.You learn not so good things their. You do learn to survive. Survive What. You Can Do Better than That.  Get out of your zipcode and see life.
        You will in the future have to fight for water and food and shelter.  Drugs are going to kill you. Again They are going to kill you. When you get sick, you will not get health care when needed. You will get the least. A pine Box. See your friends dying. Is getting back at cops better than getting you better. This is straight up talk.  See, they don't care about you until you do something wrong. Like break the law. The Law. Follow the Law and NO Problems. Would'nt that be great.

     Most of you have not anything more than I had as a child. No one gave me a free ride. Sure big companies cheat,government cheats,people cheat you. Let it go. You can not fight the big boys, you don't have enough money. But, I can sleep at night and you can too. I have hard working children who follow the law . They get mad. But thank god they don't kill people.
     You want more straight up talk. Just right to me. We will talk..
  In the mean time. Stay Alive by Loving Life, it can be gone in a second. Good Luck to you and your family.   Peace and Love Sandy

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